Our Heritage

Late Shri Lun Karan Ji Dugar

Laying the foundation for what today stands proud as the K L Dugar Group, was Mr Kishan Lal Dugar who in the year 1959 joined his father’s business, then known as the Dugar Group, alongside ongoing studies. Three years later, he expanded the business in new directions by diversifying his family business from cloth merchandising to the export of jute. In 1963, he introduced export quality jute baling comprising of Hydraulic Jute Press - the largest Jute Press of Nepal. Following the success of the jute export he, along with his elder brothers, set up another unique industry in 1967 that used agricultural waste (wheat straws) for manufacturing straw boards under Nepal Strawboards Company in the eastern region of Nepal, a first of its kind in Nepal. In the same year he set up a manufacturing unit for production of stainless steel utensils.

In 1988, K L Dugar Group named after its chairman, Mr Kishan Lal Dugar, explored business through the Western zone of Nepal. The big breakthrough came in the following years, with the establishment of Food Grain Processing and Rice Milling Units. In the year 1991, the existing edible oil refinery in Eastern Nepal, added a new feather to its cap by starting the production of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. This unit went has gone on to become the biggest company in the edible oil manufacturing sector of Nepal.

The period of deep unrest in the country of Nepal that began in the late 90s lasting up to 2006, saw several industries shut down, but the K L Dugar group, owing to its strong brand, leadership and dedicated team of professionals, not just survived this tumultuous period, but also grew bigger despite being unable to operate at times for around 186 days a year. In what has been a difficult journey, the Group has consistently innovated and experimented with launching of new brands and packaging in the market. In early 90s, the group introduced break-bulk packaging that helped the brands reach individual small families, and achieved its popularity and value that it enjoys till date.

Since 2000, the Group has continuously expanded and diversified successfully into several sectors. In the last decade, the Group has started some new businesses, continued its imports of global value brands, ventured into Construction, Cement Manufacturing, Hydropower, and Banking – which are significant sectors of growth for the country and its people. The Group stands proud today, knowing that competition has not affected their brands’ reputation, and several of their products continue to be a household name.


We, at K L Dugar Group, are always there to serve the people, who define us with their acceptance of our wide range of products that reach everyone, every day at every corner of Nepal. We continue to excel and bring you the best quality products maintaining top standards in the industry at a very competitive cost to satisfy you, each and every time.


  • To improvise, encourage and uphold the use of local raw materials that our industries are based on
  • To continuously upgrade our manpower and existing standards of quality through adoption of innovation and technology
  • To give utmost importance to its customers along with on time delivery


We, at K L Dugar Group, strive to understand the needs and requirements of our customer and provide them with the best products that pass through stringent quality checks.