Gyan Atta with Multigrain / KL Dugar launches Gyan Multigrain

Multigrain Atta due to its own inherent health benefits has become need of the hour and is being used by most of the household as supplement to Whet Flour. The Multi Grain Atta with a low glycemic index, this rich and wholesome multigrain atta releases sugar in your body, slowly, and thus helps in maintaining a sustained and steady blood sugar level. To meet the needs of the consumers and to provide them with the best product K. L. Dugar has Launched Multi Grain Atta. The Brand Gyan is most popular amongst the households in Nepal and widely trusted for its best quality and consistency. The all new Gyan Multigrain is a healthy blend of seven choicest grains – Soya, Oats, Wheat, Chana Dal, Maize, Barley, And Ragi. Gyan Multi Grain Atta is carefully ground using the modern ‘chakki’ (grinding process) for the perfect balance of colour, taste, odour, and nutrition, the Gyan Multigrain is 100% Atta, and 0% Maida. The dough made from this multigrain, absorbs more water, and hence the rotis remain softer for longer. In addition, the goodness of the natural grain mix in Gyan Multigrain keeps you active. Gyan Multi Grain Atta is also fortified with vitamins and minerals providing you extra nutrition.