KL Dugar Group launches Gyan Premium Lito, a nutritious cereal-based fortified food. Lito, the popular Nepali food is prepared from extrusion-cooked wheat, rice, soya together with whole milk powder, sugar, and corn oil. In addition, the mix is also fortified with 16 vitamins and micronutrients.

Extrusion is an efficient system that ensures uniformity of the final product, especially for fortified blended products. In extrusion, the mechanical breakdown of starches reduces the viscosity of gruels made from extruded cereals to enhance their caloric and nutrient density. KL Dugar Group, takes utmost care, in the production of their extrusion-cooked Lito. The resultant, thus, is a healthy nutritious and palatable product that be relished by all age groups, including toddlers as young as 6 months old as well as adults suffering from malnutrition and micronutrients deficiency disorders.