Gyan Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Gyan Food Products is located at Nepalgunj, a mid western region of the country. The industry has installed a most advance Pulses processing plant including Colour Sorter to manufacture finest quality pulses- Lentil, Gram, Arhar with a capacity of 70 MT per day.

The products are being exported to USA, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia & Oman.

Gyan Premium Masoor Dal has established itself as a premium Masoor Dal brand in Bangladesh.

Popular Brands of Gyan Food Products:

  • Gyan Premium Masoor Dal
  • Gyan Arhar Dal (Yellow Lentil)
  • Gyan Black Dal (MASS DAL)
  • Aashirvaad Chickpea Flour (Chana Besan)